Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's that time again. My car is due for it's semi annual emissions inspection. Personally, I wish people would see this program for the money grab that it is. Besides the money, the program exists to appease a vocal group of environmental extremists. I actually wish they'd just add the $14 to my vehicle registration and waste it on a phony environmental awareness program. That way, I wouldn't be subjected to taking time out of my busy schedule to sit in a long line of cars waiting to be inspected. If you think about it, it's actually harming the environment as you sit idling for that 1/2 hour.

Then, once your car is due up, you're ejected from your vehicle and ordered to a waiting room where they continually play this propaganda video about how important the VEIP program is. Heck, if it's so important, then why are residents of the lower Eastern Shore exempted from the program? Could it be that way back when their elected officials said "not in our neighborhood?" There are also other exceptions for older model vehicles as well as vehicles driven under a certain number of miles.

Anyway, I thought I hit jackpot today. I drive up and there's no wait. I pull right up and I notice the woman signal me to another bay. I start to drive in and she comes to my car and smiles. "We can't test you today. We don't have power". If only the power would never come back on in that place.



Anonymous said...

Hey whats the deal with another Maryland Scam. I thought the VIEP was every two years not 18 months. Did they sneak a quick in on us during this last session?

Colleen said...

Here's an even bigger scam - two years ago my registration was suspended because I failed to have my vehicle tested. I never got a notice! Then to make matters worse - it's two years later and I got another suspension notice. It's over $250 in fines! I keep every record from my car and have never gotten a notice. I spoke with other people who have had the exact same thing happen.

Barbara said...

I just had the exact same thing happen to me. I have not gotten a notice, or notice of a warning or anthing at all. I just today July 3, 2008 received a notice that my registration could not be renewed until I cleared up these violations. I have never even had a parking ticket. This is worse than a scam. I don't to believe they really sent out any notices.